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Digital Workplace Consulting to Broaden Your Talent Pool and Future-Proof Your Company

Do the following questions have you concerned about the shift to remote work?

  • How do we monitor performance and productivity among teams?
  • How do we ensure employees remain engaged?
  • What are the best tools and technology to use?
  • How do we keep communication and collaboration high among employees without face-to-face interactions?

“When working from the office becomes a thing of the past.”

Boost Cost Savings and Employee Satisfaction with Digital Workplace Consulting

In today’s business environment, transitioning to remote work or adopting a hybrid model is becoming the norm. This transition increases employee productivity and satisfaction by eliminating workplace distractions and dreaded commute but also offers significant financial benefits. Companies embracing remote work enjoy reduced expenses on office space leases, utilities, supplies, and more. Additionally, the remote work benefits such as cost savings, better work-life balance, increased employee engagement, and the ability to hire top talent from a broader geographic area present a compelling case for transforming your business to a digital workplace.

These days, attracting and retaining top talent has become increasingly challenging for employers, and offering remote work has emerged as a clear advantage. Remote work is not only seen as a top perk among job seekers but also allows your business to break free of its local talent pool and search for the perfect employee on a much bigger geographically scale.

The flexibility of remote work is also seen as a perk to employees who have to face the dreaded daily commute. Eliminating that commute usually leads to significant time savings, decreased stress, and an enhanced work-life balance. This in turn leads to a much happier workforce, reduces employee burnout, and increases employee retention.

Our digital workplace consulting helps your company resolve its remote work problems and make a smooth transition to remote work.  When moving from in-person to online, we ensure your company has the tools and expertise to make it work. So contact us today, take the leap, and let our digital workplace consulting services future-proof your company because the office is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Seamlessly Transition Your Employees to Remote Work or Resolve Your Remote Work Problems with Our Digital Workplace Consulting Services

Our Digital Workplace Consulting services are designed to help businesses like yours navigate the transition to remote work and resolve your remote work problems. We provide support with everything from the planning phase to policy development, employee and management training, new employee onboarding practices, and software and tech selection. When it comes to remote work, its all about having the correct communication and collaboration tools, the proper management strategy, clear policies and expectations, and a strong company culture if you want your new virtual setting to be a success. 

Our goal is to help companies like yours seamlessly transition to remote work or a remote work hybrid model while also maintaining productivity and team cohesion. In addition to the technical aspects, we also emphasize the importance of maintaining a strong company culture in the remote work environment as well.  It’s the company culture that fosters connection and engagement, builds trust and accountability, and keeps everyone in the company working as one. 

Make sure your company’s transition to remote work is a success. Contact us today for our Digital Workplace Consulting services and let’s create a remote work environment where your company thrives!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can Nextrev Services help your company establish a Remote Work environment?

Whether you’re looking to transition your whole company to remote work or need help resolving your remote work problems, Nextrev Services is here to help. Depending on your needs, we help clients; assess their technological needs, plan for the transition, develop remote work policies, source the correct software and technology for communication and collaboration, train managers and employees, develop communication strategies and performance standards, ensure data security measures are in place, and develop a remote work support team.

At Nextrev Services our goal it to help you make the transition to remote work as seamless as possible by offering guidance, expertise, and best practices.

What steps are involved in transitioning to a remote work setup?

To see the steps involved in transitioning to a remote work setup, checkout our FREE Remote Work Adoption Checklist above.

How do you assess if my business is ready for remote work?

We evaluate your business’s infrastructure, technology capabilities, employee preparedness, and the nature of the work to ensure it is the right fit for remote work. From there we start working with leadership to compile a list of all necessary expenses such as hardware, software, and other tools the company and employees would need for remote work to see if it fall within budget. The Netrev team also evaluates employee readiness, assessing their skills, knowledge, and attitudes towards working remotely.

How do you ensure smooth communication and collaboration of team members among remote teams?

To ensure smooth communication and collaboration among remote employees and workers, we help our clients establish clear communication guidelines and policies, and choose the best communication and collaboration software and tools for their company like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, etc. These tools allow your team to scheduling regular meetings, message and call each other, have web conferences, share documents, and work together on projects.

Does Nextrev Services' digital workplace consulting services include cybersecurity measures for remote work?

As cybersecurity threats continue to grow, we prioritize the safety of our clients and their data. Therefore, we prefer to entrust this critical aspect to cybersecurity experts or Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). If needed, we are happy to assist our clients in sourcing and vetting a cybersecurity provider to because we want to see both them and their data protected and secure.

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