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At NextRev Services, we have what it takes to handle all your ATM needs and provide the expertise needed to develop a successful front-of-store/4th wall equipment program for your location(s). Our equipment programs allow clients to monetize and utilize unused space and further capitalize on the foot traffic of their location(s).

Custom-Tailored Solutions

As we all know, the lobby and foyer area of a location see the highest amount of foot traffic but are often left under merchandised and underutilized.  At NextRev Services, we help clients capitalize on these high foot traffic areas while also utilizing and monetizing that unused space.


Through our front-of-store/4th wall equipment programs, we assist businesses, retailers, and Fun Entertainment Centers through the process of selecting, sourcing, and designing custom equipment programs best suited for the front of their stores.  Each program is designed using select third-party, self-automated equipment such as ATMs, vending, retail vending, specialty kiosks, amusements, and more.   These items allow the equipment and our programs to be delivered at little to no cost, include routine maintenance and service, and are an excellent way for clients to provide a direct increase to their operating profits. In addition, our programs are always built while keeping the client and their location(s) in mind, ensuring each client’s equipment program uses only the type(s) of equipment best suited for their locations and clientele.

Programs and Offerings

Front of Store/4th Wall
Programs & Services

Equipment programs custom built to help clients monetize and utilize unused space while further diversifying customer offerings and adding an immediate impact to their bottom line!

ATM Products. Placement, & Services

  • Assistance sourcing an ATM provider.
  • ATM equipment.
  • ATM wireless & wireless services.
  • ATM processing.
  • Assistance starting your ATM business.
  • Assistance selling your ATM route.

Breakroom Solutions

Proper breakroom services are essential for employee wellbeing. Having NextRev Services on your team ensures setup and sourcing of breakroom services is a breeze, and your workplace has what it takes to keep employees healthy, happy, and motivated.

FEC & Amusement Programs

We provide both FEC’s and amusement venues a level of expertise and knowledge known to produce results through our custom-tailored approach.

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