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NextRev Services are industry experts in vending, automated retail, amusements, ATMs, breakroom services, and front-of-store solutions.  Our custom equipment solutions allow clients to further capitalize on foot traffic while also utilizing and monetizing unused foyer and lobby space at the front of their store(s).  Each clients’ solution is designed to be easily implemented and maintained, allowing them to maintain focus on their core business. In addition,  all solutions are delivered at little to no cost and contain ongoing maintenance and service, making it a hassle free way for our clients to add an instant impact to their bottom line without any added work or distractions.

Custom-Tailored Solutions

As we all know, a location’s lobby and foyer area see the highest foot traffic but often are left under-merchandised and underutilized over the fear of grab-and-go theft.  At NextRev Services, we provide clients the solution they need to help capitalize on that high foot traffic space.



Through our front-of-store equipment solutions, we put our expertise to work selecting, sourcing and designing custom equipment solutions best suited to our clients and their clientele. Every solution is designed specifically around each client using third-party, self-automated equipment and items such as ATMs, vending, retail vending, specialty kiosks, amusements, and more.   This process allows our solutions and equipment to be delivered to our clients at little to no cost and often includes routine maintenance and service, giving clients a way to increase operating profits without any added expenses or labor.

Programs and Offerings

Front of Store Equipment
Solutions & Services

Custom picked equipment solutions built to help clients monetize and utilize unused space while further diversifying customer offerings and adding an immediate impact to their bottom line!

ATM Equipment, Placement, & Services

  • Sourcing and placement of ATM service providers at your store(s) or business.
  • Assistance with your ATM processing and equipment needs.
  • Assistance with your ATM business or startup.
  • Assistance selling your ATM route.

Breakroom Solutions

Proper breakroom services are essential for employee well-being. NextRev Services provides our clients with the expertise needed to ensure their breakroom has what it takes to keep employees happy, healthy, and motivated.

FEC & Amusement Programs

We provide FEC’s and amusement venues the high level of expertise and knowledge needed to produce additional revenue with lasting results through our custom-tailored approach.

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