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Meet Brad Wedin, President of NextRev Services

Brad Wedin

Brad Wedin started NextRev Services in 2020 with over 25 years of expertise in management and operations. His purpose for starting the company was to help Business Owners, CEOs, GMs, and Upper Management overcome their operational challenges and obstacles.

Throughout his career, Brad has handled operations for a number of companies and worked with several Top 100 Retail, Fortune 100, and Fortune 500 clients, designing, implementing, and managing various operational programs and new product offerings throughout each client’s portfolio of locations. Brad also brings extensive knowledge and experience in sourcing, hiring, and managing employees and subcontractors across multiple regions, developing strong company systems and processes, and optimizing operations to ensure day-to-day activities run smoothly and efficiently.

Brad’s vast experience and knowledge of operations means that our clients can count on NextRev Services’ results, further ensuring their companies can continue to grow and succeed.

“The desire to help others is the driving force behind what I do and why I founded NextRev Services. It always brings me joy to see people succeed and I’m honored that clients choose us as a partner and allow us to help contribute to their success story.”

– Brad Wedin – 

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