FEC & Amusement Programs

We provide FEC’s and amusement venues the high level of expertise and knowledge needed to produce additional revenue with lasting results through our custom-tailored approach.

Custom Tailored Programs

Our custom-tailored programs provide FEC owners and amusement venues assistance in several key areas, such as:

  • Assistance in designing the proper layout and flow of your FEC or game room.
  • Selection of the proper complement of amusement games, game titles, and layout of your game area.
  • Design and layout of the prize/redemption counter, best places to source your prizes, proper selection of prize offerings, and assistance calculating prize values.

Sourcing Third-Party Game Providers

For those venues who are not looking to own and operate their own amusement games and would prefer to have the games supplied by a third-party provider via a revenue share based program. Having NextRev Services by their side allows clients the knowledge and expertise needed to source and vet the proper game provider for their location(s). Throughout the process, we ensure our clients receive a quality mix of equipment from the provider with high earning potential, are given favorable terms, the provider is the proper fit for our clients’ location(s), and the proper parameters are put into place with the provider to ensure the equipment is regularly serviced, properly maintained, and updated accordingly.

Assistance Sourcing Third-Party Items to Further Compliment Your Location

At NextRev Services, we provide assistance sourcing additional third-party items such as ATMs, vending, specialty vending, kiosks, and more that will complement your current customer offerings and add an instant boost to your bottom line at little to no cost. Through our knowledge of the industry, its various offerings, third-party suppliers, and their business models, NextRev Services pinpoints and sources the proper items and suppliers best suited for our client’s location(s). During the process and upon request, we will also assist our clients in the negotiation process with those various third-party suppliers

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