Front of Store Programs

Our Front of Store/4th Wall custom equipment programs help clients monetize unused space while further diversifying customer offerings and adding an instant impact to their bottom line!!

Custom Front of Store/4th Wall Program

Our custom front of store/4th wall equipment programs provide clients the assistance, knowledge, and expertise needed to design and implement a successful plan for the front of their stores. Through the use of secure self-automated items such as ATMs, vending, retail vending, specialty kiosks, amusements, and more, we turn under merchandised and underutilized foyer and lobby space into a profit center for our clients.

With over 25+ years of experience in the industry, vast knowledge of its suppliers and offerings, NextRev Services takes pride in specializing in the process of designing, pinpointing, selecting, testing, and sourcing the right items and third-party suppliers best suited for our clients’ locations. Having NextRev Services at their side, clients no longer need to cut through the marketing and sales pitches of suppliers and providers, giving them the ability to choose the items and suppliers best suited for their locations, and capable of delivering lasting results.

Service Provider Sourcing

For those companies looking for expertise and guidance in sourcing the correct third-party service provider(s) best suited to deliver quality equipment and services for the front of their stores. With our knowledge of the industry, industry standards, service providers, and service provider costs, NextRev Services speeds up this process, cuts through the sales pitches, and vets out the proper provider(s) for our clients’ locations. With NextRev Services at your side, we ensure our clients get favorable terms, and the service provider is capable of delivering on their promises.

Growth, Expansion, and Optimization

For clients who currently have a small front of store program, item, or offering that they would like to scale across the rest of their locations. Through our Growth, Expansion, and Optimization program, NextRev Services helps clients push past common hurdles, allowing them to develop, source, and implement the proper plan needed to ensure their program is a company-wide success.

Product Evaluation & Analysis

A program designed to help clients who have self-automated items in mind but are unsure if they are the correct fit for their location(s) or if the client has a self-automated concept in mind but is unsure how to make it come to fruition. NextRev Services’ Product Evaluation & Analysis program grants clients access to decades of knowledge, expertise, and industry contacts. With this knowledge at hand clients can easily determine costs, profitability, level of customer interest, and scope of success should the items be rolled-out across their portfolio of locations.

Assessment & Excellence

For clients who have a current front of store program in place and would like their program thoroughly reviewed by an independent outside source. Our Assessment & Excellence program provides clients access to our knowledge and expertise within the industry, giving them the ability to ensure their program and its terms are favorable, in-line with industry standards, and set up for success.

Contract Review & Renewal Negotiations

A program designed for clients and businesses nearing the renewal stage of their current front of store program but are left unsure whether their current terms are favorable and in-line with industry standards. Through our Contract Review & Renewal Negotiations program NextRev Services assists clients with the review of their current agreement, ensuring nothing is being left on the table, they are being provided a favorable rate, and the agreement doesn’t contain any hidden costs or expenses that should be covered by the service provider. Also, and if needed, NextRev Services will also assist our clients with service provider negotiations.

Training & Workshops

Designed for those clients who currently have self-automated items or programs in place, our Training & Workshops program ensures our client’s team leading the program are equipped with the latest skills, information, and tools needed to maximize revenue, resolve common problems, and keep day to day operations running smoothly.

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